cosmic inland sea

Ogijima and Ibukijima, Japan – Autumn 2019
multimedia performances / installations with real-time sound sampling / interactive video / voice

As part of the Setouchi Triennale, this performance was carried out with vocal artist Ami Yamasaki. The performances were based on Italo Calvino’s work “Cosmicomics” and included music, vocalization, movement and interactive video projections. Sound was processed then given visual representation. A series of three performances with the last one on Ibuki-Jima being the most extensive. “Island Membrane #3” as it became to be called was created from extensive research about the Iriko fisheries on Ibuki-Jima in the Seto inland sea of Japan. Similar to JIKU’s first performaces done on Ogi-Jima (“Island Membrane #1″/”Island Membrane #2”), this piece was made with the voice, the body, computers, light, and everyday things. Watch a sampling on Vimeo: