64 bits of sound

“64 Bits of Sound” consists of 64 computer-controlled AC motors distributed throughout a building or other publicly-accessible space.  Through a custom-built computer interface, the public can activate any or all of the 64 motors; the ensuing vibrations will create a variety of different tones depending on their placement and activation. The computer interface will allow the public to explore the nature of sound, processes of rhythm, the articulation of space, and sonic narrative. This idea stems from the “Light Cloud” I built for the Smithsonian Museum. I’ll be using the same relay-outlet box but this time will plug in 64 AC motors which will be spread throughout a building or public space. Very much influenced by David Byrne’s “Playing the Building”, the mechanical constructions of Jean Tinguely, the instruments of Harry Partch, and the instruments of Trimpin.

This project was meant to be exhibited in May, 2020 and was supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council. Covid-19 had other ideas for the project, but it is still ready to be deployed at some point in the future.