surface I/II

mhProjects-Westbeth Artists’ Community – New York City – January, 2018
vocal performance / installation / interactive video

With “SURFACE I” the inside of the gallery was covered with a flexible, reflective “sheet”. Yamasaki’s voices were processed and delayed in real time: The performance/ installation was about light and sound swirling as it was performed. In “SURFACE II” a scrim measuring approximately 2.5m high x 15m long divided JIKU’s studio space at Westbeth. Yamasaki used her voice while moving an LED inside and outside of her mouth. The trajectory of the light was “painted” on the scrim with two video cameras and specialized software. Both “I” and “II” express a strong distortion through “multi-layered-ness” that surfaces can potentially show, possibly creating an experience that obscures the feeling of “now and this time.”