shadow of a former selfie

Alternate title: “Shadow Led the Lens”
ongoing project
Tokyo, 2022


This is a developing project, still uncertain where it’s going to go. Sharing it now to solicit ideas from as many people as possible. Reminds me of Charles Eames quote: “One of something may be beautiful, but can you stand to see 100 in a row?” As I wander/wonder around I try to find interesting shadows. I typically spend time in the “golden hour” and will often use this nice little app called Sun Calc. What I can say is that I am very influenced by the great Bob Miller, especially his Light Walk project.I know the piece is not going to remain a GIF – I’m thinking about the idea of “awareness mapping” – maybe using GPS and some meta-data to build something. Mostly, I’m thinking about building a sculpture somehow with the shadows. A layered sculpture similar to Tim Hawkinson’s Pentecost sculpture. Any ideas?