Moon (after Inagaki Taruho)

I’ve been reading Inagaki Taruho’s amazing collection “One Thousand and One-Second Stories.” He is a master of brevity, an inspiration for the likes of Italo Calvino and Jorge Luis Borges. He writes a lot about the moon, some story titles include: “The Moon and a Cigarette,” “On Brawling with Mr. Moon,” “A Fiendish Chat in the Moonlight,” “The Moon in His Pocket,” (a particular favorite of mine). There are many more: “The Moonlight Moonshiners,” “Did You Really Reach the Moon?” “The Men Who Hoist the Moon,” “On the Moon Turning into a Triangle.” There are many, 1000 + 1 to be exact. The GIF below is comprised of 100 images, bird poop left on boat moorings on the Chesapeake Bay. Makes me think of Taruho-San.